Women given photoshop transformations say they prefer their before images

A friend just shared with me this link to an inspiring and hopeful video. After working in the fashion photography industry and then deciding that I wanted to photograph “real” women, this video is proof that sometimes we don’t appreciate our natural beauty until we no longer look like ourselves! 

Through my photography, I aspire to help women to celebrate and love their unique and natural beauty (without ascribing to an ideal that does not exist, in order to create the feeling of less than or unworthy in order to sell products). Applying makeup for my clients allows me to connect with them on a more personal level. The makeup application always looks very natural and just enhances their natural beauty. Not only does the makeup application help my brides and portraiture clients to feel beautiful and confident, but the connection we make allows for natural expressions during the photography. Personality is captured on film, an experience- a moment in time that is real.

With the emergence of digital photography, over the last 15 years, re-touched images (otherwise coined as photoshopped images) have unfortunately become the norm in order to create the look of the “ideal” woman. If women only knew the truth of how many adjustments are made to the images of celebrities or models, they would be astonished! I saw this first hand working with celebrities, honestly sometimes I did not even recognize a celebrity before they were transformed after several hours of makeup and hair styling. When I saw the final image (after re-touching) I wondered if I had even been there for that shoot, who was that person? I am so thankful for those experiences, that I could see the illusion. It instilled a deep knowing within me, that I could change things, by helping one person at a time to love themselves by seeing their true beauty inside and out, an image that would forever capture that expression of joy. 

 In fact, I am taking this idea of self love to a new level through a personal photography project. For now, please click here to enjoy the video and I will be introducing the new project soon. 

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