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Welcome to the website for Katie Klein Photography, specializing in weddings and portraiture. I feel honored and privileged to be able to archive the most important moments in my client’s lives. My goal is to provide a unique and creative portrayal of a moment in time, so that the original emotion and experience can be re-lived through the images for years to come.

Choosing a photographer is a very individualized process. It can also be an overwhelming process, especially when looking at many different photographer’s websites and trying to figure out if their style, education, and experience are up to your standards. To ensure that I am the best photographer to fit your needs, you can read more about my style and background here, “About Katie” section of the website.

On this page, I thought it would helpful to share some information to help you make an informed decision and to understand what sets my services apart, in a clear and simple way. Thanks for taking the time to consider my services!

10 reasons to choose Katie Klein Photography to capture your most important memories:

1. I graduated with honors from the internationally renowned Savannah College of Art and Design with a four year degree, BFA in photography in 2001 and now have over 13 years of professional experience as a photographer. This includes experience working in NY and L.A for a famous fashion and celebrity photographer. I have been photographing weddings for ten years, as well as running my own business and have now photographed over 200 unique and beautiful weddings! 

2. I am a full time photographer and have my own business, therefore my focus is on YOU! This is not a part time or weekend gig to make some extra money. This is my passion and dare I say I am quite a perfectionist with my work. I understand that you are entrusting me to capture your most important memories!

3. I complete ALL work myself, start to finish! This really sets me apart from other photographers, especially nowadays when many photographers only shoot the weddings, or they may even have an associate photographer to do that instead. NO Interns, freelance artists or online companies (the newest trend) will ever touch your images! How can someone who was not there at your wedding be trusted to edit your wedding, get the lighting correct or have any emotional connection to your images, not to mention are they qualified?

I spend at least 20 hours of time on the backend work of each wedding and I don’t skimp on time, each wedding is completed only when I feel the images and story are up to my high standards. So not only will I be there to photograph your wedding, I also will complete all of the back end work on your wedding (color correcting, file conversion, retouching and editing).

4. I have my own insurance, back up equipment and a professional second photographer that has been working with me for 10 years! Wendy Weeks is an amazing photographer whom also has a college degree in photography and our artistic style is so similar. We make the perfect team to photograph all aspects of your wedding, not missing a beat. We use different lenses and  photograph from different angles and perspectives to provide you with a complete and unique story of your day. Wendy also has her own professional high end equipment, insurance and back up equipment.

5. I am also a makeup artist and pamper my brides with high end Laura Mercier cosmetics, to provide a natural look of flawless skin and just enough color for photos that lasts throughout the wedding day! I learned from some of the best makeup artists in the country, while working in NY and L.A and now provide this service to my brides to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Makeup for photography is different than everyday wear and you still want to look natural and like yourself in person, this is an invaluable gift to give yourself and ensures that you look timeless in your photos for years to come. As an added bonus, I am there at the wedding for touch ups if needed!

6. I am empathetic and use my intuition to capture important moments before many others even notice, this is essential to being a great wedding photographer! Quickly changing camera functions to adjust for constantly changing lighting conditions and locations, being able to think quickly on my feet to look for the best locations for photos, and knowing where to be at the right time, are only a few of the skills I need to successfully photograph a wedding. These are a also few reasons it is important to choose an experienced photographer that specializes in weddings to capture your day.

What is not always considered, is how intuitive or empathetic a photographer is. Along with wedding experience, when a photographer can scan the room and KNOW where the action and emotion is and to be able to do this quickly, in the blink of an eye that is something unique and special. Because I have photographed so many weddings, all of these skills are like second nature to me. Therefore, I can focus my energy on being creative and scanning the room for MOMENTS. These moments and emotions captured make a wedding story real, you want a true and experienced artist on the job and in this instance especially, paying for experience is priceless.

7. Many brides and their families alike, compliment me on my calming presence and professionalism. It is so important to connect with your photographer on a personal level. Not only do I get to connect with my brides when applying their makeup or with pre-wedding bridal or engagement sessions, I get to spend the entire wedding day with them. Being a woman myself, I understand the need to feel comfortable and look your best, especially on your wedding  day.

Many people have not been photographed for an entire day and nerves can come into play. It is SO important to have someone by your side to show you in your best light and to have a calm energy that will help you to focus on enjoying your day. I am not obtrusive, but do give some direction to help you feel comfortable and confident, while the main focus is on candidly capturing what is really happening.

I commonly hear that friends and family of my clients ask how I captured so many details and moments without being noticed and in such a professional manner. Yes, I am also fun and almost always smiling, but more importantly, my focus is on doing my job and not becoming the focus of the party!

8. I only take 20 minutes max. for family posed photos! This may be my main selling point! Seriously though, these family photos are so important in showing all of the special and important people who attended your wedding. I do however want to say, that most of my clients are hiring me to tell their story, capture the candid moments and emotions and yes, of course, to capture all of the people who were important and special enough to be invited. While the majority of what I photograph is documentary in nature, I do include some posed photos as well to tell the full story of the day and focus on those who are the “main players” per say.

9. I capture a timeless look, with a modern style. The story of the day is captured with classic elegance in mind. I stay away from using too many trendy re-touching techniques, over-saturated colors or vintage color casting (that makes skin look green!). I can best describe my style as classic, simplistic elegance, shot with a creative eye and from a modern perspective. Staying ahead of the trend is vital to capturing and portraying a timeless style that does not scream 2014 to your future kids looking at your wedding album many years from now (this is true for wedding makeup application too!). I don’t feel the need to jump on board with all of the current trends, especially those that don’t seem to lend themselves well to a timeless look. While I do love a vintage look and have for many years now (before it was trendy!), this look and feel can still be captured without over-using photoshop actions, there is a fine line to capturing elegance and not going overboard.

10. ALL of my packages include a professional second photographer and your high resolution files! I can also customize packages to best fit your wants and needs through email with a custom quote, easy as that, with no obligation to reserve me as your photographer. What would I want included in a package? Well, that is what I offer to my clients. I love to be able to meet with my potential clients in person, but also have many clients who live out of state. Therefore I offer skype consultations and of course correspondence through email. Once we chat and you let me know what items you would like included in a package that best fits what you want and need, I can easily type up a custom email quote. I understand that wedding planning is a full time job and want to make things easier for you. Your quote will include all of the items you want, full pricing, no hidden fees.

Contact me today for your free consultation and quote, or via the contact page on this website