Access to her inner Marilyn Monroe, a testimonial.

An amazing testimonial letter sent to me by Lindsey, whom I had the pleasure of photographing during her Original Sweetheart Session (vintage portraits of women). Not only am I touched by her honesty and openness, but love the point she made about doing this session as a gift to herself and honoring that self love within. That is completely what I want to provide with these sessions, a reminder of how beautiful and unique each person is and how important it is to love  and take care of yourself, because without that you cannot love another. Thank you Lindsey!!! 

“The thing I appreciate most about Katie Klein is her ability to see beauty in every day moments. When I planned my first photo session with her, it was with the idea of having professional images to share as a gift with my then-boyfriend of three years. I never expected for our relationship to end, in the time between scheduling the shoot and actually having the photos taken. Several times, I picked up the phone to cancel, wondering what the point of having photos made was, when I felt like I had no one who would appreciate the finished product. I am so thankful that I trusted Katie enough to share all of this with her; Katie has a unique ability to make you smile when you feel like crying, and to feel beautiful when you feel less-than. Not only was the afternoon I spent with her joyful and fun, but the images she created were beyond what I ever could have imagined. She found a way to take my sadness and turn it into a sense of self-satisfaction that I had not felt in a long time. Her ability to take an ordinary girl, on an ordinary day and make me feel beautiful is something that I treasure. In fact, I had so much fun that I scheduled a second session – I realized I do not need a man in my life to enjoy being pampered, and to channel my inner pinup girl for a day. Transforming into one of my all-time favorite women, Marilyn Monroe, was an experience I will always cherish. And the images are ones that I will enjoy forever…. Perhaps more-so because they were not done as a gift for “him”, but as a gift to myself. As Marilyn once said, ““She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important—you know.” Thank you, Katie, not only for encouraging me to be happy even when I was sad, but for changing my perspective on when and why we should have photos taken. Weddings, babies, and graduations are of course important, but it’s the everyday moments in life that truly make us who we are”. 





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