Valentine’s day 2013 Original Sweetheart promo!

Do you have a picture of yourself that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, unique, and proud to be you? The Original Sweetheart Package was created to offer an amazing opportunity for individuals to have just that. A special and unique experience for those that wish to capture an image of themselves that they will love and cherish for the rest of their lives. For a limited time, during January and February of 2013 only, I am offering several different packages for 50% off or more!  Please CLICK HERE to view the promo package pricing and details. You can also view my new Original Sweetheart image portfolio, please CLICK HERE050IMG_8870-re.

The  Original Sweethearts experience includes a day of being pampered, complete with champagne, lunch, hair styling, makeup application, costuming from an era of your choosing and joyous memories of a day that was all about you. It is my strongly held belief that when you feel great, you look great. And I want to provide each of my “Original Sweethearts” with an enriching photographic experience and images to show off to your friends and family or to give as a gift to your significant other.

My diverse background included working in NY and LA on numerous professional, fashion shoots with celebrities and models. And that experience influenced my desire to create beautiful, unique images for women to look and feel their best, without trying to live up to the media created image of beauty. Real beauty comes from feeling comfortable with who you are and loving your unique and amazing body.

Did you ever play dress up when you were younger, or even last week? Here is your perfect excuse to do it again. You can also share the experience with someone special, your best friend, mom, sister, or even your own “Sweetheart” to create a gorgeous picture and enjoy the day with someone you love, or just fly solo and have a relaxing day with me while we design your ideal image together. For couples, these photos are awesome for engagement pictures, save the date cards, or thank you notes. For the ladies, I can work with a maximum of two people in one day and each person gets their own personal piece of artwork that be can a unique beautiful gift or a portrait for you display for yourself.

I strive to create an atmosphere that is comfortable, accommodating, and creative where you are the star.  Being a woman myself, I am well aware of how women can judge their own looks and body, comparing themselves to celebrities and models on the pages of magazines.  Many of my past clients have commented on how comfortable I help them to feel.  Not sure what era you want to recreate, don’t worry, we can brainstorm together to come up with the perfect idea that will make you feel beautiful, empowered, and excited to show off.  Step into your power, you deserve this amazing experience!

I offer a consultation before your photo to discuss your preferences on hair, makeup, and costume so we can decide on the perfect image that represents your amazing individuality. We can create images depicting fashions of the roaring ’20’s, the ’40’s pin ups , the swinging ’60’s, the big hair ’80’s and everything in between. I also have great fun recreating old pictures of family members or celebrities and tasteful, gorgeous boudoir photos. The possibilities with this package are endless and each one completely unique. I look forward to the opportunity to make art with you. Gift Certificates are available. Please email me today for more information and to set up your free consultation,

Check out all the beautiful works of art I have had the privilege to create with my clients in the IMAGE GALLERY. To read more about my creative inspiration for the Original Sweethearts please CLICK HERE. To view a video clip of an Original Sweetheart experience and to see the promo details and pricing, please CLICK HERE.

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